Life is noisy. From phone notifications, family members, the fridge humming along to Alexa reminding you to order more dog food, there is a ton of ambient noise that you are probably not even aware of.

There are even some noises you can’t audibly hear – yet they can be just as disruptive as a loud concert. EMF (electromagnetic fields) from wifi routers (both yours and your neighbor’s), wifi enabled devices, the Bluetooth-enabled FitBit on your wrist to cell phone towers that give your phone the ability to make calls.

Whether you can hear it or not – life is noisy.

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I spent this past weekend camping in the desert with my Dad. And while everyone was shocked we’d be headed out to the desert during summer to camp, it ended up being a lot of fun (and very insightful).

I couldn’t get over how quiet it was – probably due to the fact that there were only 3 other campsites filled, but it was the type of quiet where your eardrums are almost straining to hear something.

It was so quiet I could actually HEAR my heartbeat in my chest without having to tune in and focus. I’ve only ever experienced this while floating in water and didn’t realize how much noise I was constantly inundated with until I felt this quiet.

Sometimes you need the complete opposite of something to realize how far to one end of the spectrum you actually are.

I read books, stared at stars, and got dirty as heck because that’s what you do when you camp.

But the quiet also gave my brain the space to tie up loose ends that I’d been struggling to make sense of over the last few weeks. It gave my creativity the space to make leaps and bounds that are never possible when you’re distracted every other minute by a ping, chime or buzz.

And while heading out to the desert for two nights of quiet may not be in the cards for you, I strongly suggest making quiet for yourself in other ways.

Make quiet by:

Driving in the car without the radio on

Leaving the TV off for an evening and connect with a loved one instead

Starting your morning without radio/tv/conversation to set the tone of the day

When it comes to tackling the exhaustion, stress, and disconnection we feel from being a human in the modern world, getting grounded is imperative to our mental and physical health. Getting quiet is just one of the many ways to use self-care as a tool to help you unwind the ball of stress and anxiety that has been sitting in the pit of your stomach.

How are you going to make some quiet for yourself this week?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re totally stuck, unsure of where to start, and dealing with aches and pains – let’s chat. You’re not that old and you don’t have to feel like you are – check out one of the options below for your next steps.

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