Yoga is portable. It’s one of the only cures for a variety of ailments that is packable, flyable, moveable, lightweight, and compact. You don’t need a mat, shoes, fancy instructor, or even clothing to practice yoga. I swear, Google it. I can’t think of a time or place in which you couldn’t do some yoga. Maybe you don’t have space to bust into a Warrior II, but if you’re there, you have space to breathe, right? Well that’s yoga too.

Yoga helps you combat and ease a million different aches and pains.

Have a stomach ache? Yoga can help.

Allergies acting up? Yoga can help that, too.

Feet hurt after a long day at work? Yoga can help!

Broken heart? There’s yoga for that, too.

The best part of yoga? You don’t need a doctor’s order or prescription, and you can never run out of it. As long as you’re still breathing, you still can do yoga.

Now it’s not an instant cure. Anything that promises an instant fix is probably not going to work. 10 lbs. in 10 days? Highly unlikely, sorry. But if you commit yourself to a regular practice, daily if you can, then I am sure that you will find relief from your issues.

So what sort of things can your daily yoga practice include? Even just sitting for 5 minutes, breathing in and out through the nose, and focusing on the sound the breath makes as you inhale and exhale can do wonders for stress relief and relaxation. Maybe a few times a week you have the opportunity to practice yoga with a DVD, or an online service like (similar to a YouTube but with all yoga classes), by yourself, or at a studio. With just that you’ve made it to an almost daily practice!

So take a step today towards bettering your self and your health through a regular practice. All it takes is a breath. =)