I like to dabble in many different worlds. I am a yogi who likes to lift and a CrossFit-er who enjoys running. I am finding it more challenging to describe myself with a single word…and why should I have to?

Many people are quick to cling on to a group of people with whom they share common interests. There is something comforting in knowing that you are a part of a larger group, but I think it can become problematic when we decide that our way is the best way. That our movement program, lifting technique, language, religion, or whatever is the best and only way. Why can’t we all get along?

In my dabbling with boot camps, BootyBarre, CrossFit, and Yoga Tune Up, I feel like I have finally seen the light. I now realize that they all are based around basic human moves. As humans, we have the capacity to pull, push, lift, squat, jump, and run. Through overuse, underuse, misuse, and/or abuse,  we lose the ability to do some or all of these movements overtime. In our current age of desk jockeys and weekend warriors, many people are no longer able to do these movements; the group has expanded and shifted from being outliers to the norm. Just because it is everywhere does not mean that it is normal. By banding together and strictly adhering to one body of movement knowledge, we are limiting ourselves of our movement potential.

So I challenge you to stop being so serious about your movement practice. Instead of going to the (blank) this week, try something new. Go to a dance class, yoga class, lift heavy things, or any other type of movement practice. You may find that you are not as terrible as you think, and guess what? No one else cares how you look because they are all too worried about how they look. Get out there and have fun, because that’s what you were built to do =)


See? Yoga meets CrossFit!