Yoga is like the clingy girlfriend you can never get rid of. And this time, that’s a good thing. Whenever I’m away from my regular routine and practice, my body reminds me about the forgotten yoga: the low back starts to cramp or the body is creaky in the morning. Yoga is one of life’s habits that will is good for you. And like the girlfriend, she’ll never let you go!

You can never leave your yoga or clingy girlfriend at home (she’ll track you down or not let you go in the first place). You don’t have to have a mat and all your clothes to squeeze some stretching in. You could simply sit in a chair and cross one ankle over the top of the thigh to stretch your hip rotators in a modification of pigeon pose. Besides, there is nothing better you can do for your body when out of your element than to release any travel-induced tension.

In the constant effort to be more kind to yourself, you should continue with your yoga, even when you don’t want to. Maybe today is just a day where all you can muster is a few deep breaths.  Well for today, that will be enough! Your yoga (and clingy girlfriend) will tell you what they need from you, and making them happy will help you to be happy too. Working at being more kind to yourself each day through yoga can also improve your interactions with the world and others. I swear. Don’t believe me? Try practicing 5 minutes of yoga or abdominal breathing for two weeks and try to tell me there is no difference in your life!

So when you try to dump yoga, just know that she’ll be back…no matter what you do. =)