While there are many myofascial release tools designed to be rolled, rubbed and scrubbed on your body, Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls are my absolute favorite. The smallest sized rubber therapy ball of the Roll Model Therapy Balls is perfectly suited for your every nook and cranny and here’s why:


  1. They are grippy. When you have a new pair of YTU Therapy Balls, they start out a bit slick, but as you break them in, the surface becomes like smooth velcro, which allows it to grab onto your skin and every layer beneath it. This grippiness allows for a fascial stretch technique known as shear, which stimulates a nerve ending in the fatty layer beneath your skin. Stimulation of this nerve ending (Ruffini ending) turns up your parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes your entire body. If you need to unwind at the end of a long day, there is no faster way to flip your off switch than a rolling session!
  2. They are pliable. The rubber of the YTU Therapy Balls is designed to soften with use, which allows them to give as you roll over bones. A harder tool can (and most likely will) smush ligaments, tendons, muscles, vessels and nerves between the tool and your bone, which can potentially cause injury. An ideal tool is one that yields – allowing for a massage that is not also creating tissue damage.
  3. They are portable. The smallest of the Roll Model Method Therapy Balls is 2.5” in diameter. Even when toted, you can drop them in your gym bag, purse or backpack. I definitely don’t travel with a foam roller, but can easily include a pair of YTU Therapy Balls in my carry-on to ensure I arrive to my destination pain-free!
  4. They are affordable. A pair of YTU Balls is much cheaper than an MRI, X-Ray or visit to the orthopedic surgeon after an injury. Regular therapy ball rolling will maintain the health and hygiene of your tissues to stave off injury and pain – which will keep you moving away from the doc’s office, not into it.

Do you have a pair of therapy balls and are you not sure what to do with them? Check out my videos below that utilize the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls. While some videos do use the Therapy Ball PLUS, you can easily interchange for the smaller YTU Therapy Balls.

What’s your favorite self-care move with the YTU Therapy Balls? Let me know in the comments below!


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