Your shoulder may hurt. Your feet may be in pain. Your hips may be tight.

But none of these are because of your age. 😱

It may seem like you woke up one morning and suddenly your shoulder hurt and you can no longer touch your toes, but I promise you it didn’t happen that way.

Even more frustrating is when you get yourself to the doctor to finally do something about this new lack of mobility and pain and the only response they have is “well, you’re another year older”.


How is that a fine wine gets better with age but the body breaks down?

If anything, your body is more dynamic and interesting then fermented grape juice. Every single cell in your body is constantly responding and adapting to what you do to it today.

Which means that while it may feel like your aches and pains materialized overnight, they’ve been slowly building.

And it’s not because you’re another year older – it’s because you’ve stopped moving.

You’ve stopped doing things deemed inappropriate for your age or things that weren’t possible after an initial injury and you never picked them back up.

You stopped doing things because somebody told you that you shouldn’t.

You stopped sitting on the floor because the couch was right there and the rest of the adults were sitting on it.

You stopped going barefoot because only the kids do that.

You stopped moving your body because it felt like you had no time to do it 4 days a week so why even bother.

Your mobility, flexibility, strength, aches, and pains are a reflection of what you do most with your body. And if that answer is a lot of the same, be it the same workouts or the same sitting day in and day out, it will be a sum total of that.

So are your aches and pains because you’re older? Or because you haven’t been moving your body mindfully in the last 20 years?

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