One of the many things I took home from my dissection is how we are not very special. As a living, breathing, thinking human, you are an amazing piece of machinery and mechanics, but when you think of the physical matter that comprises your form, it is not that unique. The textures found in our bodies appear throughout the material world, in both living and man-made things. Similarities in the way plants grow and bud and the angles at which fabrics are woven can be found in tissue textures throughout the human body. You are amazingly special because you are you, but at the same time,  you are also just another piece of the puzzle.

When I think of how similar we are to the world around us, I wonder how we can be so carelessly cruel. I purchased a candle yesterday, with 100% of the proceeds going to clean water efforts around the world. While it is a small gesture towards making change for those of us in the world less fortunate than myself, I find myself unable to shrug off the fact that we are so privileged in this country and in this life. In most places around the world, you have to travel to a water source (if one even exists) and then carry your water back to your home. Here, it may be a challenge for you to remember to turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Regardless of if we are aware or not, the choices we make daily are affecting our world. We are not above the world that surrounds us, but just another iteration of the pattern, another piece of the whole. And so I wonder, how can one casually throw their trash out the window on the freeway, or leave their mess behind for someone else to clean up? Why have we been brought up into a culture where it is ok to think that you exist in a tiny bubble, with no effect whatsoever on not only those around you, but the rest of the beings on this planet?

I may be a hippie, and I may be a weirdo – but one thing I do know is that these are not only my truths. Once you have seen a body from the inside, you too will understand that we are not that special.

In all honesty, you don’t need to cut open a body to realize this. Just go outside and listen. Listen to the birds chirping, the air as it moves around you, and feel the sun’s rays on your skin. There is nothing that will make you feel smaller, more alive, or more connected.

Crazier things have happened on my walks with Ella, but this morning was a lesson in gratitude; gratitude for the life that I have and the life that exists all around me.

Have a wonderful and joyous weekend! =)