After spending thousands of dollars on procedures, providers, and pills that didn’t work – I completely understand feeling hesitant to try something else.

Why should you spend more money on another thing that’s not going to work? The better question we should be asking is “why did those things fail”?

Why? Because most treatments are too specialized and passive.

You and your body are inseparable. Whole. Complete. And treating just a single piece (like your back pain, neck pain, or weak core) without addressing the rest of you is a guaranteed way to leave you playing catchup with injuries for the rest of your life.

Our medical system is full of specialists who focus on specific parts of the body. Neurologists for your nerves, internists for your organs, dentists for your teeth, dermatologists for your skin. But these things are all connected. YOU are connected!

Sectioning off pieces and expecting a change in your entire well being is like being focused on replacing your tires when your car is out of gas. Sure – it fixes something but doesn’t solve the real issue.

For a lasting fix, make yourself the most important piece of your healing puzzle.

When you become your own expert, YOU are the best advocate for your health. As an expert, you’ll be able to tune in and listen to the subtle cues of the body (and then do exactly what you need in the moment, instead of doing nothing and waiting for it to pass).

Reading books wasn’t enough for me. I had to pluck the theory off the pages and put it to test in the real world for things to finally click. And it took me almost 10 years – but it doesn’t have to take you nearly as long.

I now teach people in months what took me almost 10 years to figure out for myself – how to become an expert on YOU.

I am the body nerd guide for my clients and we work together on a personalized plan to get them stronger, more flexible, AND out of pain ASAP.

Stronger so they:

// No longer grunt as they get up and down off the floor

// Sit down with control – instead of plopping onto the couch

// Head out on the weekends for a hike with the fam and never worry if they’ll make it the whole day

Becoming your own expert is a scary leap into the unknown. But getting yourself in the driver’s seat of your health is a long-term solution. And one that isn’t subject to co-pays, office visits or out of network providers.

You are your own solution.