Ask any of my close friends and clients and they’ll tell you I’m the 1st person they call or text when they have a body related question.

Why? Because most of the time, I have an answer ready to fire. And if I don’t – it’ll take me all of 3 seconds to Google, get an answer, and then make sense of it for their specific context.

If Google-ing was an Olympic sport, I’d be gold medalist by now 😉

But any search engine is only as helpful as the questions you put into it  – and my 10 years of experience as a coach (in Self-Care, Wellness, Movement, and Mobility), my degree in Exercise Biology, and work experience as an athletic trainer and physical therapy aide allow me to ask better questions.

And by this point, you probably know that I am incapable of keeping anything to myself – which is why i recently launched my new podcast, The Body Nerd Show.

Each week on the Body Nerd Show, I share tips and tricks for how to use self-care and wellness to get yourself stronger, more flexible and out of pain.

Life is busy and there are probably other humans who need your attention on a daily basis – which is why my strategies won’t take you more than 15 minutes a day. Life is complicated and busy enough – your self-care & movement routine doesn’t have to be.

The first few episodes have gone live, and new episodes will be released weekly. But in the meantime, you can send me your questions by booking a call here or by joining my Facebook group here.

And thank YOU for being a part of this amazing Body Nerd community and helping to spread the word that your body is awesome and life without pain is 100% possible