I pretty much knew medical school was a no-go when the application asked “What’s the last book you read?” and all I had was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 😳

So I doubled down and refocused my efforts on PT school. I’d already been through physical therapy as a high schooler after ITB syndrome dropped me like a fly in the middle of the field during soccer practice. I knew I liked people, sports and helping others…so PT school it was.

Every choice I made was to get me closer to becoming a physical therapist. Internships, classes, jobs – I did everything I thought I should do.

But the universe had other ideas for my future, none of which I was privy to. (As a side note, the universe is constantly trolling us, and this was no different.)

Universe joke #1 was that the application process boils your entire life down to a single number. The GPA. The lessons learned and experiences lived don’t matter as much as that single number. My athletic training internship, observational hours at the UCD Medical Center and work experience as a PT aide didn’t matter. What mattered more was that my number was low in comparison to those who spent all of their time studying.

Universe joke #2 was that the USPS was (and I’m not entirely convinced isn’t still) transpiring against me. I had taken 1 community college class while I was still in high school and now my physical therapy application hinged on getting those transcripts. Which, of course, then got lost in the mail and were delivered late. My application was considered incomplete and trashed.

I was devastated.

But I’m stubborn so I set my sights on the next year. In the days between applications, I studied yoga, started teaching, worked in a PT clinic and interned in the fitness industry. It was in fitness that I found a life of freedom, autonomy, no insurance billing BS and spandex 24/7.

The people I worked with in PT wanted to be fixed – and the people in the yoga studio wanted to know how to fix themselves.

And that’s when I realized that I didn’t really want to go to PT school.

I’ve never wanted to be the hero of the story – I’m perfectly happy being the guide of yours. I’d rather teach you how to harness the magical healing properties of your body then heal you myself.

Looking back, the decision to not go to PT school, was one of the best I’ve ever made. Even if it wasn’t entirely my own 😜

You can be the hero of your own story – you can heal yourself and get out of pain. You just have to be ready and let the universe know that you’re ready.

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