With phrases like “sitting is the new smoking” floating about the internet, many people (myself included) have turned to standing workstations as an alternative. I enjoy my standing desk because it allows me to productively fidget (aka dance) while working. I also have found that I focus better and am more productive when I’m standing versus being slumped over in my chair.

Sitting poorly, which most of us tend to do, also can contribute to upper back and neck pain, so why not ditch the chair and try standing for a change?

Here are some of the best standing desks currently on the market:

  • WorkEZ Standing Desk – is not too expensive and can transform any desk into a standing desk. It is also small enough that transporting it wouldn’t be a huge headache. ($109.99 on sale)
  • Vari is very large, but a fantastic option. The height is completely variable and can be easily changed from sitting to standing. This is a great option in case you get tired (which you will) and want to sit down. ($375 and up)
  • Oristand is super lightweight and 100% easy to move (it’s cardboard) which makes it an easy way to get standing without breaking the bank. ($25)
  • If you’re super crafty, you can make your own DIY Standing Desk! (~$20)

My primary workstation is the DIY Standing Desk that I made (learn how to make your own here) but if you’re not the crafty type, the Oristand is a great place to start. If you have a heavy laptop or extra large monitor, you might consider bulking up the Oristand by placing a number of books inside of it (see picture below) to make it more stable. If you’re just using a laptop, you probably do not need this step.

Make Oristand Sturdy Standing Desk

You may also want to get a high chair to rest on every once in a while, because variety is the spice of life. IKEA also has some inexpensive bar stools that can allow you to sit with a more open hip angle without having to completely rearrange your standing desk.

So get out of your chair and try standing for a while! Make sure you maintain excellent posture while standing to reap all the benefits of being upright. Sitting for 8 hours a day isn’t the only solution, so make sure you also  introduce lots of varied movement into your daily routine.

Do you have a standing desk? What other standing options do you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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