This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Downtown Las Vegas to experience the revitalization of the neighborhood while exploring the topic “Get Some Mindspace”. This event was organized by a company called “CatalystCreativ, an experience studio and small business funded by Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. They host a monthly Catalyst Week, which is a gathering of “creativ” minds for storytelling and idea sharing, that are available free to the community for learning and inspiration. Our week explored themes of mental health & wellness, mindfulness, and conscious living.

It was very cool to see the rebuilding of a community that now has a very small-town feel. For the locals and our group leaders, it was not uncommon to greet a familiar face while walking down the street, which is not a regular occurrence in Los Angeles. 

The week provided me an outlet to break the cycle of the regular day to day and experience something totally new and different. I would not have traveled to Downtown Vegas for any other reason, but I definitely want to go back now. Seriously, go check out the amazing restaurants, delicious vegan and vegetarian food, and the super cool shopping experience called the Container Park. Do it!

Getting some mindspace was precisely what I didn’t know I was lacking, but I have refined and created new habits since returning home. Kelly Bennett of The Reset Project, introduced me to manifest journaling, which is an excellent tool for getting unstuck, clear, grounded, and recharged for whatever lies ahead. Since I have been planning a wedding, reframing my brand, and leading trainings and workshop, I needed a way to reframe my tasks and to do list in a way that would not only help me get things done, but also inspire me to dream bigger. I began a keeping a daily to do list/reminders, which helped to boil down my tasks to the most important each day. A manifest journal takes it the next step, and asks that you not only write down your tasks for the day, but also what you want to RECEIVE from the universe. What energy do you want to attract? This daily practice also helps you to take time each day to reflect on your wins. What worked? What didn’t’ worked? What are you going to kick ass at tomorrow? Instead of just slogging through and marking things off the to-do list, I’m excited to manifest the things I want from the universe as well. I think it is already working – my first trip to the grocery store since returning home, I walked all through the grocery store wanting avocados, but didn’t want to go pick any out for fear they’d go to waste. Long story short, I got home, unpacked my groceries, and guess what was there? 4 of the most delicious avocados J

The manifest journal I have been using recently to help me keep clear on my goals is called the Passion Planner. Kelly uses a plain notebook, which is much more free form and budget friendly. She also does a monthly manifest email – I signed up to keep the inspirations rolling! You can sign up here.

How do you clear your to do list and Get Some Mindspace?