Have you ever thought of how much you’ve already spent on doctors, chiropractors, massage therapy, creams, oils, potions, lotions, pills, and various remedies for your health?

And if you’re still not stronger or more flexible or still waking up in pain – was it actually worth it?

If you’ve never done a health inventory, I strongly recommend it. When you have the whole picture of what you’ve actually spent on yourself and your health it can be eye-opening.

Especially if it’s a lot of money and you’re still not where you want to be.

Or if it’s hardly anything at all since you’ve been prioritizing other things over yourself.

My clients have to get real about how they’ve been prioritizing and spending their time and money when it comes to their health.

Because if all the things you’re doing now are not working – isn’t it time to get you back on track and where you want to be?

And if you’re not doing anything? When is it time to reach out and ask for some help and support?

If you’re ready, that time is now. Click here to send me an email and let me know where you’re at right now and what’s going on. I’ll reply back with the next steps…

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  1. Join the AE Wellness Body Nerds and connect with other busy women on a quest to get stronger and wake up every day without pain.
  2. Join me for my next online class, Movement Managed and learn how to get stronger and more flexible without hurting yourself in the process.
  3. Book a free Movement Magic session and get a personalized plan for getting stronger, more flexible and pain-free. Want to trust your body and it’s ability to move without creating an injury? Do you need accountability so that you don’t start and stop something…again? Let’s talk. Tell me a bit about what’s going on and schedule your call here.