One of the most common things I hear from potential clients is that they would focus on their self-care but have to wait until the “kids are older” or “off to college”.

As the proud mom of two fur babies, I can’t say I totally understand because my animal children are cool with staying home alone for hours at a time by themselves and only really need me when they’re hungry or need to go outside.

But I recently was thinking about making the choice to put off focusing on your own health + wellness and it reminded me of a week-long house boating trip my family went on when I was about 7 years old.

It was just the four of us (mom, dad, my brother and me) floating around Lake Trinity, water skiing, grilling, and adventuring to our heart’s desire.

On one of our water ski sessions, I still perfectly remember my mom NAILING this amazing rope-free glide into the dock. She was a goddess who was floating on water. And I still remember how at that moment I knew, without a doubt, that my mom was 100% a badass.

My mom was always active – in fact, she was competing in Olympic weightlifting up until she found out she was pregnant with my older brother.

But shortly after our house boating adventure, the outdoorsy trips became less frequent. My mom started having trouble with her knees and we pulled back more and more on the long hikes and big trips we were able to take as a family because it just wasn’t fun for her (and she’d be in so much pain afterward).

I dragged her to her first yoga class when I was 18, which happened to be the night before her knee replacement.

The surgery didn’t fix her pain – it created new issues in other places, actually. But she’ll tell you herself that our yoga class that night was a pivotal point for her. She now is a yoga devotee, does Pilates weekly, and does some form of movement and self-care every single day.

All of this is to say that there’s never a perfect time to focus on yourself. There will always be something else that is demanding your undivided attention and focus.

But dialing in your self-care and wellness so that you can continue to set an example for your family by working out, kicking ass, and prioritizing your health doesn’t go unnoticed.

You might not be able to drag your loved ones to a class (thanks Mom for being open to it!), but you can certainly show them how you prioritize your self-care FIRST so that you can be there for them in all the ways you want to. Think of it as health + wellness on your terms – not dependent on if you have pain or not.

Is now the time to shift your focus to your self-care and wellness? Then let’s talk.

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