Change is inevitable. Shift happens.

We’ve heard these sayings over and over again, and yet, when we’re in the thick of a difficult time, they never seem to be true! I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that things would be so much easier if you could come to a decision and then instantly reap the benefits. This goes for business, life, body – whatever – but how nice would it be if you realized that a change needed to be made, and then it instantaneously resolved itself?

Take posture for example, when I shined a light on my own posture and began to work towards improving it, change came so stinking gradual. To this day, years later, I am still working on keeping my feet in parallel (damn you left foot) and not hyperextending my knees. I wish there was a special fix that would INSTANTLY remove hypertension from my joints’ vocabulary – many of my body issues stem from this hypermobility.

The people who experience the most beneficial change are the ones who are willing to put in the work and rumble with the un-comfortableness of being in the moment. I am currently listening to Brené Brown’s book, Rising Strong. (Yes, listening – audiobooks are a great way to feed your brain and creativity while in the kitchen or car.) You should go get this book in any of it’s formats and read it immediately – Brené asks all the questions you may not be asking of yourself and does it through story telling – all my favorite things! The book is about picking your self up after a fall and what it takes to rise from the ashes strong and empowered.

We all want the quick fix and tell ourselves that it would be so much simpler to close your eyes and have all your dreams and wishes come true, but the process of change is just as beneficial as the result. Getting from point A to point B is great, but its the crumbs in between that help to shape and craft our understanding and appreciation for when we finally arrive at point B.

For many people, their first time on the YTU Therapy balls is uncomfortable. The balls force you to FEEL. This feeling can be what you’ve been avoiding, what you’ve been compensating for, or what has been screaming at you for the last few years. The Therapy Balls have no biases, they don’t lie to avoid hurting your feelings, and they simply report the truth of the tension in your tissues. It would be nice to have the knot in your upper back unwind completely after one session, but it’s not going to work that way. It may take a few hours, weeks, or years of dedicated, regular practice to finally feel change, but in the mean time you will feel the other benefits that only rolling can provide.

It’s work to make change in your body, especially when the habit has been firmly rooted for a lifetime, but change is inevitable. Since your bodies’ cells are constantly turning over (you’re an entirely new you on a cellular level every 2 years!), gradual micro changes will eventually add up to a bigger shift. It will get better, it just takes work and time.

Are you willing to rumble?


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