It wasn’t until the third trip around the block that I finally gave up and went home.

I had a rare morning off and had planned my entire day around getting my butt into a yoga class at a neighborhood studio.

But apparently, it was also trash day, which if you live in an urban area, you know is PARKING MAYEM. Everyone smashes their car onto one side of the block so the street sweeper can sweep up the leaves and trash that accumulate over the week on the other side.

No. Parking. Anywhere. 🤦‍♀️

Getting to live events is awesome and amazing and there truly is no replacement for the energy of being in a room with a bunch of people on the same mission to chill out and stretch.

But having to get dressed in the “right” clothes, get in the car, brave traffic, and find a damn parking space is sometimes just too much.

Which is why I love online learning.

The internet taught me everything I know about HTML, cooking, CSS, baking, Jamberry, social media, writing, crystals, oracle cards and more.

The only decision I have to make is whether it’ll be a yoga pants or jeans day and which spot on the couch I’m going to curl up in (or if I’ll keep it OG and work from my standing desk).

There’s less between me and the learnin’, which is exactly how I like it.

But online learning might still feel new and weird for you and that’s ok. Even though it’s not all that new and it’s not weird if we’re all doing it. 😉

My favorite part of being able to work with clients online is that we have our coaching sessions even when they’re on vacation in Sri Lanka or home for the holidays. The barriers that exist in the physical world (like time, travel, traffic etc) don’t exist on the internet.

Which means that you spend less time getting to places and more time just doing the thing.

For my clients, it means you are on the self-care and wellness train as quickly as you can grab a spot – no waiting rooms necessary.

Take action or have more excuses about why now isn’t the right time. It’s your choice.


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