PictureYOU are the agent of change in your body.

After a recent workshop, an attendee came up to me with a question: “What specific technique you taught today will fix my forward head posture?” I offered the solutions I know to work best, a combination of self-care and self-massage, corrective exercise and diligent attention to alignment throughout the day, but this person still insisted that there must be ONE fix to rule them all.

But there isn’t and won’t ever be, whether you choose poses and exercises over pills. Even pharmaceuticals hardly ever come as single fixes. You take a pill for your pain, but then have to take a pill to help your digestive system that is stopped up from the pain pills. I am always surprised at the myriad of warnings that accompany every drug advertisement, many of which include the warning that you may lose the ability to do whatever the pill is supposed to help you do!

There is no one stretch or therapy ball technique to cure every specific ailment because no two bodies are alike. The goal of our self-care and corrective exercise is to create an environment for change and adaptation to occur.

You can’t foster healing if you’re too focused on finding the quick fix.