Sometimes the life of an entrepreneur seems glamorous – I get to make my own hours, wear yoga pants and take breaks whenever I want –  but it does have some drawbacks. For starters, Mr. Kitty and Ella don’t laugh at the stupid memes I find or want to discuss the latest true crime doc I’ve been watching on Netflix. 🙄

Working in an office made it very clear that I wasn’t meant to be there. I’ve always been built for entrepreneurship, even if I didn’t yet know it. And it took me a few years to figure out exactly where my place was in this world, but now I know it’s to help you simplify your self-care so you can stop overthinking it and just do it.

And more than anything, to help you get back to moving with ease and joy – like when you were a kid.

One of my earliest memories is running around barefoot on the freshly mown grass in our backyard on a summer evening. The coolness of the grass just as the sun started setting was like heaven for my soul.

But as I’ve gotten older, the Sunday evening fresh grass playtime feels further and further away. I’ve had to make a concentrated effort to plan things that help me find that same feeling of overflowing joy.

If you’re not a planner – plans can sometimes feel exhausting. But what if the only thing between feeling amazing and feeling burnt out was to plan for more fun?

If you want to feel a certain way – 99.9% of the time you have to create it for yourself. Waiting around for it to happen to you means you just keep waiting. The best time to start making plans to do the things and create the life you want is right now.

Whatever you’re dreaming about – let’s make it a reality.

Book a call with me if you:

  • Feel like a concrete plan is the only thing standing between you and getting stronger
  • Want to learn how to maximize your self-care and wellness time so you only spend time on things that work
  • Have a workout plan in place and you still have questions about the best ways to increase flexibility and get rid of tension
  • Have movement goals but aren’t sure where to start (let’s make 2019 the year where you MASTER the push-up!)
  • Have recurring aches and pain that you can’t quite seem to shake

I can share with you my exact formula for how to craft your personalized self-care plan so that you know with certainty that you’re taking excellent care of yourself AND moving closer towards your wellness goals.

Because having goals and a plan is a surefire way to stay motivated and moving.

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Looking forward to our call!