Everyone needs a coach – including me!

And if you think about it – you’ve had coaches (aka teachers) throughout your life. You’ve had teachers at every level of your education, you may have had coaches as a child in youth athletics, or a music teacher if you’re a nerd like me.

Teachers and coaches always end up teaching us a little bit more than we bargained for.

One of my longest teaching relationships was with my piano teacher, Mrs. Wiggins. She was tall, thin and graceful and even at 7, I was short and stocky. But I could keep a beat – and so I was in.

While we studied scales, music theory and Beethoven, she also taught me how to speak in public and the value of showing up every day to hone my craft. Mrs. Wiggins taught me personal poise – and never gave up on teaching me to be graceful, even when I kept showing up covered in dirt and bruises from soccer.

A good coach will teach you the basics of whatever skill you’re trying to conquer.

But they will also teach you how to believe in yourself, even when things don’t go your way (like the time I 100% forgot everything after the 2nd line of my Bach prelude during a competition in front of 200 people).

They will push you just to the edge of your comfort zone so that you continue to grow.

They will offer you guidance and modifications because let’s face it – we’re all unique and no single approach works for everyone.

A good coach will be your sounding board for whatever comes up – whether its understanding something you came across on the internet or helping you to map out a plan to prioritize your self-care.

Sure you can continue to should yourself on what you should be doing for your strength, flexibility, and self-care. Or, you can get the help, guidance, motivation, and accountability that comes with working with a coach.

As always, it’s your choice.

What will you decide?

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