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038 All About Bodywork

Do you even foam roll? Bodywork. Myofascial Release. SMR. Whether or not you’re a foam roller pro or have never seen a therapy ball, bringing bodywork into your body maintenance program will help you get stronger, recover faster, and get out of pain ASAP. Bodywork...

037 The Science of Happiness with Kim Strobel

Have you ever wondered if there was a genetic component to happiness? Or how to change your happiness set point? On today’s episode, I’m joined by Happiness Coach Kim Strobel, who is sharing the science behind happiness.  Is consistency the one thing standing between...

036 Why Your Lower Back Hurts

Lower back pain sucks. And whether it’s brand new or an old friend, pain in your lower back gets in the way of everything you do. When it comes down to it, there are really only 4 reasons your back might be hurting and the good news is, the fix is easier than you...

035 Sitting – How to Have Better Posture and Sit Pain-free

Sitting up straight is hard work - and, more often than not, leaves your back feeling exhausted! So why is sitting “well” so much work? And is it possible to sit in a way that won’t create back pain, sciatica or neck pain (without having to spend $$ on a really...

034 Why Thoughts Matter with Nicole Kaufman

Body. Mind. AND spirit. All are equally important when it comes to overcoming any story you have about your body. My guest today, Nicole Kaufman, is as nerdy about brain science as I am about the body. And as a board certified licensed mental health therapist, she’s...

033 Why You Don’t Need to Ice

Does icing actually work? Chances are that you’ve grabbed an ice pack for bumps and bruises. We all do it, but I wanted to really know, is icing actually effective for healing? Before you grab another ice pack - listen to today’s episode... Is consistency the one...

032 Wrist Pain

Is wrist pain getting in your way? Then today’s episode is for you! We live in a time where you don’t have to carry groceries, flip a light switch, or walk your dog (there’s an app for that, you know), but all the convenience comes at a cost. While devices get...

031 Skincare with Cybil Solyn, Your Skin Fitness Expert

All things skin care, skin fitness, SPF and more with skin fitness expert and friend, Cybil Solyn. Cybil has been instrumental in helping me get clearer and more healthy skin, even after two rounds of Accutane couldn’t clear up my acne. On today’s episode, she answers...

030 How to Build Consistency (that sticks!)

Building a consistent movement habit is hard. And it’ll take some trial and error to find your perfect blend of habit forming (and will-power busting) magic before you get it just right. Consistency is required if you want to get stronger and kick soreness, tension...

About the Show

If you’re ready to break up with all the things you’re doing that only give you temporary relief and learn how to get on the fast track to feeling amazing every single day (without it being overly complicated or unsustainable) – The Body Nerd Show is for you. Whether it’s low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, arthritis, neck pain, TMJ, rotator cuff issues or shoulder pain – you don’t have to accept aches and pains as a part of getting older.

Your Host: Alexandra Ellis

Self-Care + Wellness Coach, Body Nerd, and Creator of AE Wellness

Hi! I’m your host, Alexandra Ellis, and I’m a coach, writer, occasional yogi, kettlebell devotee, and 100% Body Nerd.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to better understand how the body works to help you take back control of your self-care, strength, and injury recovery.

With my degree in Exercise Biology, experience in physical therapy and athletic training, and almost 10 years of training people in body-weight strength and stretch programs, I now teach people in months what took me so long to figure out: how to get out of pain and get stronger and more flexible at the same time.

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