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019 Sleep

Two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations are chronically underslept - are you one of them? If you’ve ever wondered how much sleep you actually need (and no, six hours a night isn’t cutting it), if you should be napping, and how you can get through the...

018 Getting Older Is Unavoidable, Feeling Old Is Not

How you feel right now has everything to do with how you’re moving and not that much to do with your age. Honestly! Your body is the sum total of all the things you’ve been doing on a consistent basis. Been sitting a lot? Then it’s no surprise your hips feel stiff....

017 What’s Fascia Got to Do With It?

Fash-uh or fah-sha? No matter how you pronounce it, fascia is the body-wide web that holds your body together. In my opinion, it’s the most important issue in the entire human body. And while it’s just now getting its time in the limelight - it’s always been...

016 Running Nerdy with Jason Fitzgerald

I’m not a very good runner, even though I have almost every distance but the marathon under my belt. I still believe that running is for everyone, but that it’s also a skill to be learned. So who better to talk to than the nerdiest of running nerds, Jason Fitzgerald...

015 Why I Quit Coffee (and You Should Too)

When I stopped drinking coffee over two years ago, it was just for an experiment. But I ended up feeling so much better that I haven’t had another coffee since then. So why did I stop? Well, it has a lot to do with how my body metabolizes caffeine and the specific...

014 Let’s Talk About Neck Stretching

When your neck feels right, stretching seems like the logical next step. But if you’re stretching all the time without relief, it’s probably because your neck doesn’t need more stretching. It needs a completely different approach. If you believe that life without pain...

013 Muscle Confusion is BS

Muscle confusion is a gimmick to get us to buy workout products that we’ll never use. But when you get down to the science of strength building, you learn it’s not really a thing. On today’s episode, I’m talking why muscle confusion is a lie, why there’s no such thing...

012 Avoiding Burnout

What if your tension headache wasn’t because of tension? Stress and burnout can manifest as physical symptoms just as frequently as feelings of overwhelm. After letting my self-care routine slip for the last few weeks, I finally hit a wall - and it wasn’t pretty. On...

011 Gadgets and Gizmos, Oh My!

There’s a tool for everything. But how can you be sure that it’s really something that you can get good use out of - and not leave in a corner collecting dust? On this episode, I’m sharing the questions you should be asking yourself before clicking the buy button on...

About the Show

If you’re ready to break up with all the things you’re doing that only give you temporary relief and learn how to get on the fast track to feeling amazing every single day (without it being overly complicated or unsustainable) – The Body Nerd Show is for you. Whether it’s low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, arthritis, neck pain, TMJ, rotator cuff issues or shoulder pain – you don’t have to accept aches and pains as a part of getting older.

Your Host: Alexandra Ellis

Self-Care + Wellness Coach, Body Nerd, and Creator of AE Wellness

Hi! I’m your host, Alexandra Ellis, and I’m a coach, writer, occasional yogi, kettlebell devotee, and 100% Body Nerd.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to better understand how the body works to help you take back control of your self-care, strength, and injury recovery.

With my degree in Exercise Biology, experience in physical therapy and athletic training, and almost 10 years of training people in body-weight strength and stretch programs, I now teach people in months what took me so long to figure out: how to get out of pain and get stronger and more flexible at the same time.

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