4701533I once was asked what my career was. While I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for the last 4 years, I would say that my current job title is “Fitness Therapist”. But that also depends what time of day you ask me. During some hours, I am Communications Manager/Media Boss. Or a blogger. Or a brand consultant. But one title to define it all? Not possible for me.

Part of this ever evolving and hard to pin down job title is that I am never done learning. There is always something else that will pique my interest in a new topic, such as a new training or assisting one of my teachers on a course I’ve already completed. I am NEVER done learning.

While I may consider myself a Fitness Therapist today, next year may be a new evolution of the idea. Because of my voracious appetite for learning, I am constantly growing and expanding my knowledge base of a variety of topics. Now, I’m not just sharing this to boast about how many random facts I’ve picked up over the years (if you’ve been to class, you know exactly what I’m talking about), but to encourage you to do the same.

The beauty of the Internet age we live in is that you can teach yourself to do almost anything online. All you have to do is Google it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve figured out a trick or work around with something just by Googling “how do you….”

So do I feel left out because I don’t have a “career” in the traditional sense of the word? Heck no! I suppose you could say my career is to be a lifelong learner and to empower others to help themselves, with whatever it is they are striving. Whether you want to be pain-free, have your own website, or Instagram pics of your cat – I’m your person!

Are you ready to get started on your learning journey? Here’s my favorite source of random facts: Reddit’s Today I Learned. Happy learning!