Every Thursday, I walk the mile to my Dad’s office so we can have lunch together. But on a recent Thursday, I found myself at my computer working before our lunch session instead of my usual coaching and workout.

I ended up getting a lot of work done in the 90 mins or so I was there, but when I set out the door to meet up with my dad, I had this nagging feeling that I was being lazy and irresponsible for taking the extra time to walk and have lunch.

On most days, I step away from the computer just long enough to heat up some leftovers that I shovel in my mouth while listening to a podcast or watching a short YouTube video.

And even though our Thursday lunch is a ritual now, I STILL was feeling guilty about not working.

Which got me wondering – is it that we’re super addicted to work? Or that we’re socialized to feel bad about taking a break?

I hear this time and time again in Movement Magic calls – people reach out to me because they realize they’ve been neglecting their self-care for so long it’s become an issue.

The surface reasons are that “I don’t have the time” (exactly like the conversation I was having with myself on my walk to lunch).

But I don’t accept for one second that you (and me!) don’t have the time – we just haven’t made it a priority.

There once was a time where I wouldn’t dream of taking A WHOLE HOUR off to have lunch with anyone. There was too much work to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all in. I also wasn’t working out regularly, my sleep awful, and my self-care was non-existent.

To be honest, I was miserable.

So whenever the feelings of being lazy or not working hard enough creep back in – at least now I can realize them for what they are – LIES.

I think part of the reason self-care can feel so indulgent is the fear of taking time away from work/home/school.

But you are worth it. I am worth it. And not only do I no longer feel anxious and fried, but I feel more grounded. And that’s with spending LESS time working. Not more.

So where do you fall? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re “lazy” if you’re not working 24/7? Click here and let me know…

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